OpenBCI is an eight channel EEG system (on their source codepage, there are instructions on how to increase the number of channels!), that runs on top of Arduino (although the use of other microcontrollers are possible).

From the project website, they successfully finished a kickstarter campaign and are going to start selling this spring. But being a open source project, one can already download the build plans and software code and start making EEG measurements.

OpenBCI is a complete open source EEG system that can be built either on top of an Arduino (8-bit system), or on top of chipKIT (32-bit system), which gives the system more local memory and allows for faster speeds.

All software code and hardware (including a model for a 3D printable headset) plans can be found freely available at their download section or at GitHub.




2 thoughts on “OpenBCI”

  1. The SourceForge repository you linked to hasn’t been updated in almost a year, and I believe OpenBCI software development has officially moved to GitHub:

    Just a note for anyone who thought OpenBCI’s software development was going a little slow 😉

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