Opening MCD files with python

This is a small piece of python code that converts *.mcd files  (electrophysiology data as recorded from the multichannelsystems rig, using their MCRack software) into python.

This code was created using python 2.7 and the neuroshare bindings for python from

#Created on Mon Jan 20 14:48:45 2014

#Function to get all the analog entities from the *.mcd files

#created by the MCRack software from multichannelsystems.

#It takes the complete file path as input and returns a

#dictionary containing the name of each channel as a key and

#its contents as values (numpy arrays)

#for this to work, the following libraries for python must be installed:

#neuroshare bindings from


#This code is distributed under:
#creative commons attribution-shareAlike 4.0 international (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

#@author: andre maia chagas -

#find this and more open source tools @

#function to get the recording of the digital line from

def MCD_read(MCDFilePath):

    #import necessary libraries

    import neuroshare as ns

    import numpy as np

    #open file using the neuroshare bindings

    fd = ns.File(MCDFilePath)

    #create index

    indx = 0

    #create empty dictionary

    data = dict()

    #loop through data and find all analog entities

    for entity in fd.list_entities():

        analog = 2

        #if entity is analog

        if entity.entity_type == analog:

            #store entity in temporary variable

            dummie = fd.entities[indx]

            #get data from temporary variable


            #create channel names

            channelName = entity.label[0:4]+entity.label[23:]

            #store data with name in the dictionary

            data[channelName] = np.array(data1)

        #increase index

        indx = indx + 1

    #return dictionary

    return data

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